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Cycloid, Laura Arnal, Mathilde Barbe, Jade Berhault, Cassandre Caux, Alice Coste, Hugo Cheminade, Marie Deplanques, Ivan Dias, Charlène Dauphin, Celya Lamaud, Kim Nguyen, Loris Ribeiro, Frédéric Ty

This terminal aims to extend the fight of the famous confectionery brand Pez for the protection of bees. Through gamification, the brand's commitment is transmitted to the player through 3 levels, which correspond to 3 themes: the establishment of hives, the reintroduction
of bees and qualitative production.

The interactive system set up is manipulated by means of a pedal (Covid friendly). Each pressing movement on it allows you to direct a Pez dispenser surmounted by a bee to cross the universe of beekeepers and insects.

Interactive Design, Game Design,  Programming, Art Direction, UX

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